Optical 3

Optical Sorter- Greenwaste Recovery in San Jose, CA

Hertlein Industries was hired in 2007 to provide a complete plant control solution for Greenwaste Recovery's RSS Plant. The photo represents an optical sorter 1 of 3 total in the plant designed to sort PET bottles at high speeds. It has an onboard computer. The project took a total of 5 months to complete.

21kV Sub Const1

MRF Retooling- Republic Services Newby Island Facility in Milpitas, CA

Hertlein Industries was hired to design and engineer a new 21kV incoming service for a MRF retooling project. We worked closely with PG&E engineers to provide a system that met all the utility requirements. This distribution system had protective relays and distribution to three power transformers. Secondary distribution was accomplished using an innovative cable bus system. This project took about 4 months.